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Our Service Verticals   


Digital Marketing

Setting up Social Media Communities and Channels
Social Media Engagement
Digital Solutions
Real Time Specialty-wise Medical Information to Doctors

Brand specific and disease specific report



Health PR

New products, new technologies, new concepts – all need to reach the concerned customers and be understood correctly for eventual success in the marketplace.
Also a number of health conditions are undertreated or are taken for granted by patients. We help build up awareness and grow the category.
Using HealthPR services of MediaMedic, you can launch your brand more effectively, increase sales and also build category awareness. We conceptualize for story angles, undertake strategic campaign planning, handle media relations with the trade etc.

Brand & Medical Communications

Advertising & Brand communication for healthcare products, while being creative, need a deep understanding of the science, consumer behaviour, influencer attitudes as well as government regulations.

Our experts in each of these areas converge to ensure that the brand proposition is creatively and responsibly taken through the communication so that it meets the consumer need that has been painstakingly derived by our market research team.

Our regulatory experts ensure that the communication is ‘credible’ and ‘responsible’, the most important aspects for healthbrands.

"All brands with health messages. We are very passionate about our work and with our cumulative expertise we get deeply involved with a brand."



Priti Mohile
Co-founder & Managing Director, MediaMedic

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